A bigger Diwali, a smarter transformation of your home


Diwali has always held a special place in the hearts of Indians. This year, however, the festival has a different feel. After all, this is the first ‘unlocked’ Diwali in 3 years and, if celebrations at Holi are any indicator, the prevailing mood is to make it bigger than ever. Large gatherings are expected as people meet and socialize with friends, family and acquaintances in person to share joy, goodwill and holiday cheer.

All of this makes the hallowed tradition of sprucing up home décor even more important this year – and Indians are turning to online home service providers to give their living spaces a much-needed shine. The figures confirm it; demand for home services such as deep cleaning and painting has increased 10 times year over year, according to NoBroker.com. This demand is expected to continue to increase as the holiday season approaches.

But why are so many Indians forgoing the traditional offline channels that used to run the Diwali setting in favor of online home service providers? The answer lies at the intersection of convenience, comfort, cost and quality assurance.

Indians and home decor: why online home service providers are in demand

Repainting a house in India is traditionally a long and expensive process. From finding contractors and sourcing materials to making sure deadlines are met, each task is challenging enough on its own. This is without taking into account the fact that once it is done, there is no guarantee that the final product will be to your satisfaction.

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It is this uncertainty that modern, digitally-minded urban Indians are eliminating with online home service providers. Not wanting to chase after entrepreneurs only to end up with less than perfect results, they use the digital medium to:

* More affordable services with no hidden fees, with greater transparency

Like most products and services offered digitally, online home services are generally more cost effective than offline alternatives. Why? Because they eliminate the scope of “hidden costs,” such as cost overruns and inflated cost of materials and labor, by providing more accurate pricing for the project upfront. Online home service listing platforms also allow you to compare multiple service providers side by side for tentative prices and reviews, allowing you to choose the right contractor for your needs at the most attractive price. Total cost, including labor and material, more predictability.

* Quality of work assured

Another major reason why an increasing number of Indians are opting for online home services is the assurance of quality work. There is a saying with offline channel partners there is little or no after sales service if something goes wrong, but when you take service from an online channel partner there is a complaints mechanism very strong and robust. Reviews and previous project details for each service provider are also listed to provide you with all the information you need to choose the right partner to redecorate your home. Use of authentic and high quality materials. Using equipment rather than doing it by hand.

* 24/7 support

What also sets online home service providers apart is the level of support you get as a customer. Major online home service platforms have 24/7 support available on multiple channels such as phone, chat and email to handle any query or issue you may have. have – before, during or after the service. This level of professionalism and depth of support ensures complete peace of mind when renovating your home.

* On-time project delivery

Due to a lack of professionalism, the project is experiencing several delays, preventing you from using your living spaces for an extended period of time. While such delays are common with offline contractors, online home service providers are extensively trained to ensure fast and efficient home services, minimizing disruptions and allowing you to enjoy your home fresh. arranged as quickly as possible.

A house is an extension of yourself, a reflection of your personality. With a little home cleaning and painting ahead of the Diwali season, you can not only impress your guests, but also brighten up your time indoors with brighter colors and attractive wall textures. So why not go online to find the perfect service provider to give your home the makeover it deserves, right away?

(By Saurabh Garg, co-founder and CBO of NoBroker, India’s first proptech unicorn)


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