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Reference to the “F-16 package”; Pakistan already has 85 F-16s and 463 other fighter jets of various categories. Many of these planes are of American or Chinese origin. Whatever military aid Pakistan receives from other countries is used to achieve ulterior motives through terrorist organizations. When effective counterterrorism measures were not taken, the frustrated Trump administration suspended military aid to Pakistan. We do not understand what forced President Biden to sanction $450 million in aid to Pakistan. Pakistan is adamant that its policy will not change. With more resources at its disposal, the terrorist risks to the international community will be heightened. Indirectly, China and the United States are also responsible for the violence of terrorists. India must monitor the situation closely and remain vigilant to thwart the nefarious designs of the hostile neighbour.

Subhash Vaid, by mail


Regarding the “F-16 package” editorial, the resumption of major security aid to Pakistan appears to be a US counterbalance to India’s independent stance on the Russian-Ukrainian war. Otherwise, what explains the American arrogance while Pakistan is still struggling to get off the FATF gray list? Where and how will the upgraded F-16s be useful in Pakistan’s efforts to fight terrorism? In the current state of its economy and in the face of unprecedented floods, Pakistan needs urgent humanitarian aid, not arms. The duplicity and sinister design of the United States in using India as a counterweight to China, but at the same time keeping it tied to Pakistan is intriguing. India must beware of America’s selfish policies.


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Reference to the “queen of the people”; his extraordinary service demonstrates his unwavering devotion and devotion to the constitutional monarchy for nearly 70 years. She had enormous resilience, an ability to adapt to change and was an icon of continuity, unity, grace and courage when the sun finally set on the horizon of the British Empire. She was, indeed, a queen of the people accessible to all. She left huge footprints in the sands of time, and history would enshrine her as one of the greatest constitutional monarchs. It would be difficult for his successor to live up to his greatness.


A real royal

In reference to the ‘People’s Queen’ editorial; the Queen’s public remarks were always words of wisdom and never politically motivated. She never disrespected or caused any embarrassment to the British government. She always remembered that she was anointed and not appointed to rule. She did her best to maintain the glory and importance of the institution of royalty. His reign was significant not only for the United Kingdom, but also for the Commonwealth countries.

Satish Sharma Majra, Kaithal

Links with Bangladesh

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s visit will help strengthen ties between India and Bangladesh as they have signed several memorandums of understanding for cooperation in areas such as IT, space and water sharing . India will also benefit as its neighbors Pakistan and Sri Lanka are in the throes of political and economic crises. China already has influence over Pakistan and Sri Lanka because they are indebted. Under such circumstances, India must take all measures to improve its relations with other countries like Bangladesh, Bhutan and Nepal in order to maintain a regional balance of power.

Kishik Sehrawat, Mohali

Financial Harakiri

The recent decision of the Himachal Cabinet regarding the massive opening of new institutions will burn a hole in the treasury. With little regard for taxpayers’ money and little cost-benefit analysis, the opening of new housing estates, blocks, tehsils, divisions of PWD, IPH, HPSEBL and educational institutions will jeopardize the already precarious financial health of State. The state is in the red with a skewed debt/GDP ratio, and the establishment of the new wage commission has worsened the imbalance. The government should think about new programs (eg HP Homestay program) to provide jobs and earn money for the treasury. This financial harakiri should stop.

Gurjyot Singh, Shimla

‘Kartavya niti’

The current government has a particular taste for changing and renaming the old nomenclatures. He should rename ‘rajniti’ and call it ‘kartavya niti’ and abolish all benefits and pensions of those who do their ‘kartavya’ from ‘janta ki sewa’. This will surely not please people who walk the so-called Kartavya path.

Ashutosh Vermani, by mail

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