Are communities reaping benefits worth the cost of property tax exemptions for nonprofits? | The sound of ideas


The renowned health care and hospital systems that call Cleveland and northeast Ohio home are an important part of the local economy. Systems such as the Cleveland Clinic and University Hospitals operate as nonprofits receiving property tax breaks in return for service to the public good. But is the return benefit worth it to the community instead of the actual property tax money that nonprofit hospital systems save?

The clinic owns assets worth two point four billion in the county. UH owns properties worth three-quarters of a billion based on 2018 property estimates. If these properties were fully taxable, combined, the systems would pay over $100 million in property taxes. Hospital systems say the community gets

It should be noted that hospital systems do, however, pay property taxes on the for-profit operations of their systems, such as food and retail. For the clinic, it was 5 million in 2019 and 2020.

The clinic and UH are also among the largest employers in the county, providing thousands of jobs. And these workers generate billions in income and wages that are taxable and contribute to the local tax base.

Ideastream Public Media digital producer Stephanie Czekalinski reported on the topic in a three-part series posted to WKSU-dot-org this week.

A story of two franchises this week in Cleveland.

First the Browns. The team pushed back on criticism it received this week after a transport blog, NEOtrans, reported that the owners were looking to build a new stadium with a price tag of more than $1 billion.

A team spokesperson said this week that a feasibility study conducted by the team considers a major renovation of the current stadium site and does not consider building a new stadium or relocating the stadium. This feasibility study should be published next year. The Browns’ current lease at FirstEnergy Stadium runs through 2028.

Now let’s talk about Guardians.

This is the first year with the new team name. He has the 28e the lowest payroll among 30 Major League Baseball teams. With the exception of a few veterans like Jose Ramirez and Shane Bieber, this team is young. It is the youngest formation in the majors.


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