Buc-ee’s sells Florida and expands South Carolina locations


Not all locations purchased at Texas’ Favorite Gas Station become actual stores. As a former location for Buc-ee’s was sold in Florida last week, another site in South Carolina is working on road infrastructure. The same thing that canceled the place in Florida.

Buc-ee’s has already purchased a $1 million lot for preliminary environmental engineering at exit 21 on Liberty Highway across from two gas stations, according to Anderson County Administrator Rusty Burns. He told the news channel that the county is working to find the funds to redo the intersection where Buc-ee will be.

“It would cost between $40 million and $50 million and would serve not only Buc-ee, but the industries on that highway as well,” Burns told the news station.

Shoppers browse the selection during Black Friday at Buc-ee’s in Luling in 2012.

Michael Miller/San Antonio Express-News

Burns added a variety of funding, initial contributions from Buc-ee’s, gas taxes once Buc-ee’s is open, and the general appeal of the store would ensure taxpayers don’t spend huge sums of money. money for improvements.

“There’s a lot of money coming out of Washington at the federal level for economic stimulus purposes and an institution that would create 200 very well-paying jobs,” Burns said. “The gas tax increase that Anderson County would get and not just the state, we think the cost-benefit ratio would be ideal, but hopefully there won’t be one to one minimal cost to Anderson County residents.”

Burns said in the report that once the final price was reached for the road improvements, Buc-ee’s agreed to pay for a substantial portion of the improvements. The Anderson site is expected to open in the first half of 2025.

Buc-ee's has over 35 locations in Texas and Louisiana.  The mega convenience store now sells its homemade coffee to go in the form of containers and Keurig cups.

Buc-ee’s has over 35 locations in Texas and Louisiana. The mega convenience store now sells its homemade coffee to go in the form of containers and Keurig cups.

Archive photo from the Express-News

Although the main goal is to open a Buc-ee in a new location, not every area where Buc-ee purchases becomes a store. According to a Gulfshore Business report from Thursday, April 14about 159 acres in Fort Myers, Fla., which belonged to Buc-ee’s, was sold for $10 million.

The location was supposed to be the first location in Southwest Florida near I-75 and State Road 82 until traffic issues canceled the project. Buc-ee appears to have made more than $3 million on the sale after buying the property more than four years ago for $6.64 million, according to the report.

“We sold the land,” Buc-ee general counsel and spokesman Jeff Nadalo said in the report. “The challenge is finding a site that would work for our project. The public road infrastructure has prevented the project from proceeding. The roads needed to maintain sufficient access to the property for our traffic volume simply would not work. . “

Nadalo added that Buc-ee’s is still actively looking in Florida and Southwest Florida could still get the Texas-based convenience store, but not in the I-75 and State Road 82 area, according to the report. .

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