Cheap electricity for islanders near nuclear plant


Islanders who live near a proposed new nuclear power plant could benefit from lower electricity prices as recommended by the development MP.

Conservative Virginia Crosbie thinks people in her area should get cut-price electricity if a new nuclear reactor is built on the Welsh island of Anglesey. It would replace the disused Wylfa nuclear power plant. She asked Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng to back the idea, telling the House of Commons: ‘The new Wylfa nuclear power plant will create local jobs for local people. Will the minister consider reducing residents’ electricity bills? »

The government’s energy policy, released earlier this month, called for eight more nuclear facilities, with the aim of producing up to a quarter of the electricity consumed in the UK by 2050.

This follows a huge increase in fuel prices, triggered in part by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Gas prices in Europe more than tripled last year, while coal prices more than doubled.

However, five of the UK’s six existing nuclear power stations are to be closed, with only one new project, Hinkley C in Somerset, currently under construction.

The strategy planned to start choosing sites for new factories in 2023, “with the intention that the government will enter into negotiations with the most credible projects to enable possible allocation of government support as soon as possible, including ( but not limited to) Wylfa.”

Ms Crosbie said: ‘I think reduced electricity bills should be part of a comprehensive package of measures that islanders should expect when shovels go into the ground at Wylfa.

“There is no doubt that there must be a community dividend from having this factory on the island in addition to the huge amount of jobs and investment it brings.”

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