City Council approves funding for pickleball club expansion plan and repairs


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“It seems like it would be an easy thing to lay down a concrete slab and set up pickleball courts, but it’s a bit more complicated. While we might think we’d like it to happen faster than slower, I think the right approach would be to take the time to do the engineering properly and consult with user groups knowing we’re building on a tank very expensive. I appreciate the Pickleheads’ enthusiasm knowing that we’re doing this in a way that will be seen as moving forward even if it doesn’t get built this summer,” Coun said. Stuart Houston.

City Council approved the hiring of a consultant, up to a maximum of $70,000 from unrestricted surplus, to complete the development of an overall site concept and functional plan at Henry Singer site, including preliminary cost estimates for future reinvestments and capital planning.

The Board also approved the expenditure of $25,000 to mitigate safety and surface deterioration issues on the playing surface of the current fields, including patching, resealing and reapplication of sports lines. This will support future pickleball seasons for the club and community until the site plan is completed and resources can be secured for a higher level of repair or development.

“The complexity of an overall plan on this site, especially in an industrial zone, creates its own dynamic. It seems like a lot of money, but the cost goes up when you start hosting public meetings and focus groups with other site users,” said Deborah Comfort, Director of Recreation and Culture.


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