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Sustainable Molokai press release

Please join us as Sustʻainable Molokai hosts Molokai Climate Change Workshops across the island – starting in Mana’e on April 7th. The workshops are part of the Molokai Climate Change and Sea Level Rise Adaptation and Resilience Plan (CCSLAR) and will include three in-person meetings and one virtual meeting.

Where will our coastline be in 2100? The Molokai CCSLAR plan focuses on climate change issues; in particular, how rising sea levels will affect Molokai, our way of life, and our community. The main goal is for the community to identify five to 10 most important areas, be it infrastructure, buildings and/or roads that need to be moved, rebuilt or adjusted to accommodate the elevation from sea level.

The importance of this workshop is for you, the community, to finalize the most important areas of Molokai to address in this plan. As a community, we need to identify these priority sites because this month our Consulting Engineers – SEI – will be coming to Molokai to visit the exact locations/areas the community wishes to focus on and protect – to begin their assessment and cost. benefit analysis for us to discuss and plan next steps.

The next workshop will be held at the Kilohana Recreation Center on April 7 from 4-6 p.m. Dinner will be available. We encourage you to bring your friends, family, kupuna, keiki and anyone else to share their manaʻo and contribute to this project.

This second round of workshops will be easier now that restrictions have been lifted and Parks and Recreation are open again. No more queuing in ‘ohana pods and in your cars for the next available booth. But we will continue to practice safe procedures.

The CCSLAR project also launched the “DIY SLR Tour” two weeks ago and will continue until April 18. If you walk along the roads and visit local businesses, you will find DIY SLR Stations signs and stakes with posters and colored flags. With this DIY SLR Tour, we want the community to visualize where our waterline will be by 2100. At each station there will be a poster (which will be planted in the ground) with colored tape indicating the depth of the waterline. ‘water.

To take the survey and make your voice heard, go to For more information on the DIY SLR Tour, visit Stay connected through our social media platforms and website,

On behalf of our CCSLAR team and the Sustʻainable Molokai team, we want to give a big mahalo to everyone who attended the first community workshops held in November 2021. We also want to send a big mahalo to our schools here on the island , as well as to community members who attended the Lanikeha Community Resource Fair! Mahalo to all who participated, shared their manaʻo and continue to support this plan and project.


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