Elk Grove Fire District and Mount Prospect May Resume Talks


Talks could resume this week between Mount Prospect and the Rural Fire Protection District of Elk Grove to resolve an impasse over fire and emergency medical services in the district’s service area.

Under a proposed deal recently approved by the Mount Prospect Trustees, Mount Prospect, Elk Grove Village and Des Plaines would assume the functions of the Fire District, which would dissolve and hand over its fire hall and equipment.

Three new special tax districts would finance the municipalities.

Mount Prospect officials say the Fire District is in a structural deficit due to a shrinking tax base due to annexations.

But the fire district did not sign the agreement. District officials are contesting the legality of the proposed dissolution, as well as the cost-benefit analysis of the village.

“We don’t believe at the moment that (the deal) is fair enough for our constituents,” said Fires District Board Chairman Carlos Maldonado. “However, we want to make sure that we can negotiate something, not only with Mount Prospect, but with the municipalities together.”

Mount Prospect Village Director Michael Cassady said the two sides could meet today.

District fire protection administrator James Jablonski accused Mount Prospect of trying to “run a (deal) down the district’s throat that will take full advantage of us.”

Jablonski said Mount Prospect still owes the Fire District more than $ 260,000 from a previous deal.

Asked about the money last week, Cassady replied, “Why would we pay them, if we’re about to take over these services?” “


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