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This new era of digital transformation is exponential in terms of speed and scale of impact. 5G is paving the way for exciting new digital transformation value pools and cost savings for businesses, through the combination of technologies such as 5G, cloud, advanced computing, AI and technology. ‘IoT.

In addition, 5G opens up new capabilities, from remote and real-time control to highly secure automation for businesses, people and societies at large.

At Ericsson, we empower businesses and governments to unlock unlimited possibilities for digital transformation through 5G. Concretely, they can:

  • Create agility – to adapt and respond effectively to change when and where they need it.
  • Advance operations – to gain full visibility and control and take automation to new frontiers
  • Unlock intelligence – to drive decision making and innovation and deliver superior experiences

Some inspiring 5G business cases

Transforming Port Operations: Using 5G connectivity, the Italian port of Livorno tested optimized vessel mooring using enhanced AR. The project resulted in a significant cost reduction of 2.5 million euros and a significant reduction in CO2 emissions of 8.2% per container terminal. Read more

Improve collaboration in a smart office environment: US-based furniture company Steelcase connected everything in their test office through a private 5G network. With this proof of concept, Steelcase can improve the way people interact and collaborate in the workplace. This opens up the possibility for Steelcase to transform its business to sell office as a service. Read more

Enabling real-time decision-making in the energy sector: Combined with innovative sensors, data analysis techniques and 5G-based ICTs, the Service Oriented Grid for the Network of the Future initiative ( SOGNO) provides support to DSOs with real-time control and decision-making in planning. Read more

UK’s first remote diagnostic: Using a live 5G network, healthcare workers performed the UK’s first remote diagnostic procedure on 5G. The demo shows how 5G technology can enable clinicians and paramedics to collaborate haptically, even when they are miles from each other. Read more

Ericsson Helps Unlock New 5G-Based Business Growth Opportunities

Now is the time to seize the new growth opportunities of the digital transformation of businesses and governments in a flexible and secure way. As we can see from this selection of use cases, the value we bring is evident in many different ways, so why not partner with Ericsson to make the most of this opportunity.

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