Florence man becomes a YouTube sensation


Surrounded by a camera, a computer, and a ring light in the upstairs office of his self-proclaimed “bachelor pad,” Justin Couch’s face lights up and he becomes full of energy. It starts his YouTube videos straight to the point, showing different coins that are worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars, and explaining why to his more than 419,000 followers. Most of the videos are less than 10 minutes long and make you want to pick your pocket to see if your spare change could lead to instant fortune.

The 31-year-old’s interest in currency was piqued by his grandmother when he was a child. Couch, who grew up in Ludlow and now lives in Florence, later became fascinated with YouTube at university and it inspired him to study electronic media and broadcasting at University of Northern Kentucky. After graduating, he thought he’d end up using his degree to help someone else behind the scenes, but when that didn’t work out, Couch thought he might as well try everything on his own. -same.

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“I’m like, man, I could really make good play videos with much better editing skills than some of the other people. And that was a very uncompetitive niche on YouTube at the time,” Couch said. And while there are more content creators these days, “Couch Collectibles” – as it’s known on YouTube – has found its audience. It has hundreds of thousands of subscribers on Youtube and Facebook and steadily increases its audience on instagram and ICT Tac.

History is what really fascinates Couch in numismatics. “The fact that someone held this coin 100 years ago, in a completely different time, it’s interesting to think about. Especially the silver dollars, someone was using it like a dollar, and now it’s worth at least $30 or $40 just in money value. That’s kind of what intrigues me.”

Couch’s parents struggled to make sense of his career choice when he started: “When my mom talked to my dad, she said, ‘I think you need to tell your son to find a job. real work.’ “But he says it didn’t last very long. The first month he made about $100 creating his own content, then that grew to $300, then $800 and within six months he was making a couple thousand dollars a month, and it was constantly growing. .

Justin Couch, from Florence, has written his own book,

Workdays tend to always start the same way for Couch. He usually starts by answering questions and messages from his paying members on his YouTube channel. They will send him pictures of coins and he will help them by reviewing them and giving them a value on their value. There are also days when he will make several videos and then spend the rest of the week editing the content. His YouTube channel has now become the most subscribed coin collection channel in the United States.

The average person can start their own collection with just a little time and effort. Couch will often go to the bank and ask for a roll of coins, he calls it coin roll hunting, whether it’s half dollars, quarters or pennies, just to search for coins or different errors print on the piece itself. These types of things can give the coin value. “It doesn’t cost anyone anything. You go to the bank and you get $100 worth of coins. If you can’t find anything, you take it back to the bank and cash it.

Justin Couch, from Florence, collects a lot of items including action figures and coins and has over 400,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel

With more people using credit and debit cards, coin shortages, and increased interest in cryptocurrency, Couch is looking to play it safe and expand its content from coin collecting to broader topics. He recently branched out into podcasting and just launched “Couch Conversations” where he interviews a variety of well-known people and other content creators. He says he wants to make a name for himself on as many platforms as possible. But some would say he already has.

Recently, Couch was at his local FedEx store and was taken aback when a guy approached him. “He was like, ‘Oh my God, your Couch collectibles!’ and he went on to tell me that he and his wife and son were watching my videos and searching the rooms,” Couch said proudly. “It shocked me, I was flabbergasted.”

With an audience growing every day, he may have to get used to it.


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