Free ISACA Resource Shares Zero Trust Tactics to Strengthen Cyber ​​Defenses


SCHAUMBURG, Ill.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Recent global events have highlighted the increased importance for businesses to step up their efforts against cybersecurity threats. For those looking to bolster their defenses with a zero-trust strategy, ISACA has released a new resource, Zero Trust: How to Beat Opponents at Their Own Gamewhich provides a comprehensive introduction with tactics to thwart hackers.

Zero Trust describes the benefits of applying the zero trust principle and explores key considerations and components to include identity and access management, leveraging cloud technologies, and device health checking.

The document also reviews a brief history of holdings and includes a list of major compromises reported in the second half of 2021 for context. Additionally, Zero Trust looks at common tactics used by hackers, such as account compromise, lateral moves, and ransomware, and how organizations can apply zero-trust technologies to disrupt a hacker’s tactical lifecycle , as :

  • Extension of the control plan outside the company

  • Using virtualization as a defensive solution

  • Plan effectively to fail

  • Using Intelligence to Monitor Insider Threat Activities

“With the rise of remote working and the use of personal devices for business purposes, converging with a complex threat landscape with sophisticated hackers, it becomes even more important for companies to become more intentional in the strategy they employ to strengthen their defenses,” says Jonathan Brandt, ISACA Director, Professional Practices and Innovation. “Many organizations find that adopting a zero-trust approach backed by a strong strategy allows them to develop a more robust security posture that minimizes the impacts of incidents, while also identifying unnecessary or duplicative technologies that save costs and simplify security management.

A free copy of the white paper can be downloaded at

In response to this period of heightened global volatility, ISACA has also made additional security-related resources available free of charge, including Implementation of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework using COBIT 2019, COBIT 2019: Information Security Focus Area and Cybersecurity Fundamentals Study Guide. For a full list of free materials available, read this ISACA Now blog post.


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