GCZMA orders restoration of encroached river land at Curtorim

Sep 19, 2022 | 06:37 IST

GCZMA orders restoration of encroached river land at Curtorim

Team Herald

MARGAO: In an order related to the encroachments on the Zuari River, the Goa Coastal Zone Management Authority (GCZMA) ordered that over 4,000 square meters of encroached river land in Curtorim be restored and the cost of the works restoration is at the expense of the offender. .

However, according to the plaintiff, Judith Almeida, the GCZMA failed to impose environmental costs in accordance with an earlier order of the National Green Tribunal (NGT) regarding the “polluter pays principle” and she questioned the selectivity of the GCZMA when imposing such charges.

Recall that a complaint concerning these violations was filed in 2016.

It was later determined by the GCZMA that the offender not only illegally filled water bodies, but also carried out illegal constructions in the fluvial area of ​​the Zuari River.

Subsequently, the GCMZA had issued demolition orders for these illegal structures but it was recently found that these orders had not been carried out because the offender had not carried out the restoration of the illegally filled in area.

Following its own investigation, the GCZMA ordered the offender to remove the encroachments into the Zuari River and the landfill in three investigation numbers from the village of Curtorim.

The area of ​​the area, 4,207 square meters, was measured by the Inspector of Surveys and Land Records (ISLR), Margao. The ISLR also ordered to mark the (non-development zone), which was later cited as evidence of the illegal burial.

In addition, an expert member of GCZMA also submitted various reports to GCZMA to confirm that landfills and encroachments had been carried out at the site.

In this context, the GZMA ordered that the work to restore the land to its original state within 2 months be carried out by the offender under the supervision of the Goa State Biodiversity Board (GSBB), the Harbor Master (CoP) and an Expert Member of the GCZMA.

“Cumulatively, the Google images on file, ISLR’s letter to the CoP and various inspections only confirm that there has been gross encroachment on the river area and landfill at Curtorim. The Respondent has failed to prove its case and do justice through documents or otherwise for the said gross encroachment on the riparian zone of the Zuari River and landfill,” GCZMA said.

Although the infringer advised GCZMA that no landfilling had taken place and that the area was only an existing protective dyke, GCZMA stated that the infringer disagreed with its statement.


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