Group Calls For Legislation To Reserve Deputy Governor Seats For Women – Arise News


A Kwara state-based women’s group, SpaceForHer, this weekend urged the National Assembly to pass a law automatically reserving deputy governor seats for women in all 36 states of the federation.
He also advised federal lawmakers to reconsider all gender bills they rejected during the constitutional amendment vote on March 1, 2022.

Speaking at a press conference in Ilorin, when the members of the group were unveiled, the group’s project manager, Ms. and creating opportunities for women in politics. , governance and society as a whole.

SpaceForHer is the flagship program of Brain Builders Youth Development Initiative (BBYDI), a civil society organization based in Ilorin.

According to her, “It may interest you to know that over the past few years, various local and international bodies have invested energy and resources in advocating and supporting women’s participation in politics and governance.

“But despite all the efforts put in place, we have not yet reached the 30% and 35% affirmative action for gender inclusion as contained in the Beijing Declaration and the National Gender Policy respectively. “

She added, “You will all agree with me that after enjoying more than two decades of democratic rule, Nigeria has come a long way in its democratic journey and we hope it will tackle, in the future, to the question of the inclusion of women/women. engage meaningfully in politics and governance, at national, state and local levels.
“We therefore propose that: Political parties should encourage and make space for the active participation of women, rather than using them only for campaigns.

“The 35% slot should be approved and used at government level for political and nominative functions.
“There is a need to create a safe and enabling environment that allows women to meaningfully engage in decision-making and take part in high-profile activities.

“The cost of interest forms should be heavily subsidized for female aspirants from all political parties.
“Denying women the opportunity to actively participate in politics and governance is a violation of their fundamental human right and also violates the principle of democracy which provides for fair representation of all interest groups in society. We must note that the participation of women in politics and governance is essential to building a strong democracy and an inclusive society. »

According to her, it was necessary to change the erroneous perception that some have of women who participate in politics. :Many see women politicians as prostitutes, disrespectful and irresponsible.

“Unfortunately, there are also women who have these misconceptions; they show hatred towards their fellow politicians. It is wrong and it should stop.

Gbenro however noted that, “despite their large number and high vote in elections, it is worrying and quite regrettable that women in Nigeria constitute a small percentage of people in political decision-making and leadership positions.”


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