How KLM moved to a centrally managed LMS with Moodle Workplace


Challenge – Centralize various learning environments

Carrying 34.1 million passengers and 621,000 tonnes of cargo, KLM is a pioneer and leader in the European air transport industry. KLM is based on the principle that people are the key to its brand and for ten years it has supported its e-learning culture with Moodle LMS – Moodle’s open source learning management system. KLM has a long-term relationship with Avetica, a certified Moodle Premium service provider in the Netherlands, and in 2020 Avetica was challenged to select a platform to move KLM’s 10 different e-learning sites to a centrally managed site.

Solution – Low TCO and multi-tenancy with Moodle Workplace

KLM is committed to maintaining an e-learning ecosystem that offers flexibility, low total cost of ownership (TCO) and the ability to easily add new features. It was identified that among the possible alternatives, Moodle Workplace was unique in that it incorporated all the secure, feature-rich and flexible attributes of Moodle LMS, with advanced features designed for workplace learning, including automation of common processes, custom reports to assess learning impact, multi-tenant architecture and shared programs to maximize content reuse.

Arnout Vree, CEO and Founder of Avetica, explains: “With Moodle Workplace, KLM can serve multiple target groups through multi-tenancy, which means they have been able to say goodbye to all their separate Moodle sites. Therefore, their long-standing wish to arrive at a central LMS could be realized.

Considering several target groups, including KLM’s own employees, suppliers, partners and college students, Avetica implemented Moodle Workplace with target group protected learning environments.

The implementation started with the installation of Moodle Workplace and the development of a theme in the KLM corporate identity. In the second phase, Avetica started configuring and installing the different tenants.

In addition to the technical implementation, great attention has been given to the design of Moodle Workplace, including the flow that participants go through after logging in, who should receive which reports, a review of learning scenarios and the optimization of user experience.

Working closely with KLM learning and development specialists, Avetica achieved the optimal design with additional community plugins and customization. Knowledge transfer took place during set-up so that KLM has the knowledge and skills to tackle new issues independently.

The KLM Moodle Workplace platform login screen.  It is personalized with their logo and branding and it features a photograph of one of their planes.  Picture

It was important for KLM that its employees were redirected to Moodle Workplace via a link from Cornerstone. KLM’s own developers made this link, through which Avetica configured web services and provided support during testing.

Results – A transparent and efficient centralized learning ecosystem

KLM’s Moodle Workplace instance is currently used by 20,000 learners, spread across 4 tenants. With over 235 courses and 32,589 test questions, KLM has increased its efficiency and effectiveness in its commitment to creating a people and customer-centric culture.

Periodic consultations continue between KLM learning and development specialists and Avetica Moodle consultants. In this way, knowledge and information is exchanged about KLM’s learning strategy and ongoing developments in the Moodle Workplace.

Learn more about Moodle Premium Certified Service Provider Avetic and how they provide bespoke Moodle solutions for organizations in the Netherlands and Belgium.


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