Japanese lawmakers discuss Prime Minister Kishida’s policies


Japanese lawmakers are debating policies proposed by Prime Minister Kishida Fumio in his speech to the Diet on Monday.

Topics include the defense of Japan, economic recovery and Kishida’s plan to make coronavirus booster injections available as quickly as possible.

Kishida said, “We will do everything possible to prevent infections. After studying whether and how existing vaccines are effective against the Omicron variant, we will speed up the administration of the boosters. We will use the Moderna vaccine, which is expected to be approved. for boosters, to shorten the current 8 month interval between the second and third injections. “

To help the economy, Kishida has proposed a $ 490 billion economic package that includes funding for a more robust medical system.

The new leader of the biggest opposition party questions the use of coupons in the government’s plan to provide one-off aid to families with children.

Some lawmakers argue that handing out coupons for half the amount will increase costs and burden local authorities with additional paperwork.

Constitutional Democratic Party leader Izumi Kenta said: “The extra cost for issuing coupons should instead be spent on helping those in need. It could also be used to help the working poor.

Prime Minister Kishida said: “We want local governments to consider providing coupons in principle. But we will allow them to provide the full money, depending on their situation.

The general secretary of the Kishida Liberal Democratic Party raised the issue of missile defense.

Motegi Toshimitsu said, “There are arguments as to whether we can really protect our country by simply improving our capabilities to intercept missiles. Possessing the ability to attack enemy bases, or in exact terms, the ability to counterattack enemy bases, is a viable option. “

Kishida added, “Missile technology has advanced rapidly, including hypersonic glide vehicles and path-shifting missiles. try to gain public understanding through these realistic discussions. “

Discussions on Kishida’s policies will continue until Friday.


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