Keir Starmer Confirms Police Didn’t Contact Him About ‘Beergate’


BOris Johnson was asked during a campaign visit to Southampton Airport if he agreed with George Eustice, the Environment Secretary’s suggestion that people should consider buying value brands when they visit the supermarket in order to cope with the pressures of the cost of living crisis (see post below at 07.54).

Mr Johnson refused to be drawn to the suggestion after critics called it ‘condescending’.

The Prime Minister said: ‘What we want to do is help people in any way we can through the aftershocks of Covid. What you have are spikes in inflation, primarily in the energy sector, but that spills over into all kinds of other costs for families.

“We are helping right now, a £22billion package, £9.1billion for fuel alone, all sorts of measures people may know about, lowering your council tax, giving you support for payments in cold weather, etc. and extra money for advice.

“But the most important thing is to have a strong economy with well-paying, high-skilled jobs.”

He added: “The best future for the country is to get through the tough times we are going through now, to support people in any way we can, but remember we are now seeing a lot of jobs and highly paid people and highly qualified. jobs. It’s a much better position than we were in in the 1980s or 1990s.”


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