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MARIETTA — Six professors from Marietta College have been promoted and tenured.

Those who were tenured and promoted from assistant professor to associate professor were:

* Brandon Downing (story)

*Andy Francis (music)

* James Karan (accounting)

*Linda Lockhart (communication)

* Alexandra Perry (conductor).

Susan Peterson (petroleum engineering) was also granted tenure, but remains at the associate professor level.

“The Marietta College faculty takes the granting of tenure very seriously, as it is a career-long commitment to employment and support,” Janet Bland, dean of the faculty, said. “All applicants for tenure at Marietta College undergo a rigorous, multi-year review process by the Renewal, Tenure, and Promotion Committee, and must meet our high institutional standards for teaching, academic activity and service to the College.”

Downing arrived in Marietta in 2017 and focuses on early American history, particularly Indigenous-white relations along the frontier. His current book manuscript is “‘Barbarian Tribes of Savages’: Violence and Conflicts on the Empire’s Periphery in the Colonial Mid-Atlantic, 1750-1776.”

Francis arrived at Marietta College in 2015 and is an award-winning composer and percussionist. His music has been performed at festivals, conferences and universities in the United States and abroad.

Karan came to Marietta College in 2017 and teaches primarily in the areas of taxation, financial accounting, and management/cost accounting. His research interests focus on accounting ethics. Prior to joining Marietta College, Karan taught at institutions in Florida and South Dakota.

Lockhart came to Marietta College in 2018 after 20 years as a communications professional. This included 16 years of marketing, public relations, organizational communication, and creative direction in higher education at Ohio University and Washington State Community College.

Perry arrived at Marietta College in 2013 and served on the faculty for a short time before leaving to do postdoctoral work. She returned for the 2017-2018 academic year as Executive-in-Residence. She returned in 2019 as a faculty member at the McDonough Center for Leadership and Business where she teaches courses in leadership studies and ethics.

Peterson came to Marietta College in 2015 and has 35 years of experience as a consultant, project manager, senior drilling engineer, and most recently, associate professor. She specializes in the application of risk and decision analysis methods for economic models, full project development and optimization, cost and schedule models, and well drilling design.

“Tenance is an important part of faculty work in higher education – it is central to academic freedom and ensures independent research in areas of study that may be considered controversial or groundbreaking,” Bland said. “Tenure enables college and university professors to conduct research and inquiry that is protected from the influence of donors, industry, political organizations or government agencies – but subject to rigorous scrutiny by peer review by other experts in the field. Tenure protects faculty members from losing their jobs because someone doesn’t like the questions they ask or the direction a project is taking.

The Board also approved four faculty promotions for Ann Bragg (Professor of Astronomy), Jaclyn Schwieterman (Professor of Athletic Training), Joe Sullivan (Professor of English) and Chyrsten Gessel (Associate Professor of Athletic Training). ).

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