MC JABRIAL’s Silky Mask Sheet Hailed as Northern Thailand’s Rising Exporter at the 4th Annual Young Exporters from Local to Global (YELG) Workshop


In this regard, the company had the opportunity to participate in the 4th Annual Yong Exporter from Local to Global (YELG) Workshop organized by the Academy of New Economy, International Trade Promotion Department, Ministry of Commerce, in the goal of learning and improving one’s knowledge. In addition, we also had access to up-to-date information on international exporting to other countries. The workshop offered a variety of reliable information relayed by trade ambassadors and export specialists who specialize in exporting products directly to the respective countries. This wealth of information benefits business operators by helping them make adjustments during the global COVID-19 pandemic and providing them with ways to manage post-COVID-19 business operations.

The company is convinced that the knowledge and advice offered by the specialists of the Department of International Trade will allow the company to grow and address operational shortcomings, as well as enhance its credibility with customers. Furthermore, this wealth of information will not only increase the overall value of exports, but it will also stimulate the economy from scratch and help maintain job stability while opening markets for other types of products. . have the opportunity to be recognized in the arena of international trade.

The Department of International Trade Promotion also appreciates the importance of updates and information related to exporting products to target countries and others that offer new potential to entrepreneurs nationwide. The Department uses both skills and knowledge as a weapon to increase their level of competitiveness in global markets and to help new small and medium entrepreneurs understand the important aspects of exporting with the aim of forming strategies, to run businesses, perform cost accounting, define price products to achieve profitability and develop appropriate business models to avoid being disadvantaged by foreign competitors. They can also apply this knowledge to improve transportation logistics, streamline payment methods, exercise caution in the export process to prepare for, respond to, and make adjustments to existing risks in an effort to reinvigorate their business and make them work properly.

MC JABRIAL's Silky Mask Sheet Hailed as Northern Thailand's Rising Exporter at the 4th Annual Young Exporters from Local to Global (YELG) Workshop


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