M&S reveals Brits want to celebrate summer despite cost of living concerns

// M&S reveals Britons want to make the most of this summer despite rising inflation
// The Family Matters Index score is 53 out of 100, remaining consistent with 53 in November 2021

Marks & Spencer has found that Britons are set to make the most of this summer despite the cost of living crisis.

Retailer’s Latest Family Case Index revealed that 53% of families want to eat healthier, while 47% want to exercise more regularly.

Millennials (25-34) are the most motivated to get in shape, while older generations (over 65) are the least motivated.

When it comes to exercise, walking and hiking are by far the favorite activity (48% have already done it or plan to do it), followed by home workouts (38%).

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Meanwhile, 61% of Britons plan to go on holiday, with 34% willing to stay in the UK.

The cost of living is cited as a top concern by 82% of UK families, up 10% since the end of last year. This had a knock-on effect on overall optimism about family prospects, which stands at 42%, up slightly (2%) from November but down 9% from March last year. ‘last year.

The future impact of climate change (64%) and divisions across the country (59%) also remain major concerns.

This quarter, the overall Family Matters Index score is 53, remaining consistent with 53 in November 2021.

The index score is based on a scale of 0 to 100, with 100 being the highest, with a median score of 50 or more representing a positive and optimistic outlook.

“It’s encouraging to see people more motivated than ever to exercise,” said Tamsin Robertson, Head of Apparel and Home Customers at M&S.

“When we first launched our Family Matters index in 2021 during lockdown, mental health consistently emerged as a priority.

“Maintaining your physical health can also bring many mental health benefits and it would be great to see this enthusiasm for exercise continue all year round. This is a trend we have already seen at M&S. Over the past year, our range of Goodmove sportswear has grown by 26% as people move.”

Uncertainty about the future could also start to impact buying habits. Overall, value is a deciding factor when choosing where to buy: 78% of respondents ranked it as one of the top three priorities, ahead of convenience (55%) and service customer (47%).

Maria Pickett, Head of Food Customer Insight at M&S, said: “Our latest index suggests that cost of living concerns will continue to rise over the coming months, with value expected to become even more important for families.

“At M&S ​​Food, we are focused on delivering on our promise of reliable value, which matters more than ever to our customers. Trust value means offering high-value food without compromising quality and freshness, sourcing standards, or at the expense of our suppliers.

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