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Dimapur, May 31 (MExN): The NSCN (IM), at its ‘National Emergency Assembly’ on May 31, issued the ‘National Naga Decision’ in which it declared to ‘support and protect the unique history of the Naga and the principle national naga at all costs”, as “constrained by unforeseeable political reasons”. situation” in order to “save the future of the Nagas”.

“The meeting was held amid a moment of tension and a spontaneous surge of emotion,” the NSCN MIP (IM) said in a press release on Tuesday, noting that issues related to the fight policy of the Naga people for seven decades “have yet to be decided”. while the ongoing Indo-Naga political dialogue is deadlocked over the central issue of flag and constitution.

Among other things, the MIP said that the Assembly had unanimously decided to designate the third Sunday of October as the “National Naga Prayer Day”. A joint statement document by President Q Tuccu, Vice President Tongmeth Wangnao and Secretary General Th Muivah was also released by the MIP.

In accordance with the declaration, the Assembly led by the trio also reaffirmed the “Nagalim for Christ” declaration stating that it was “the word of God revealed to the Nagas and the subsequent commitment of the Nagas to God”.

Future of Naga Political Travel in Framework Agreement: Q Tuccu
During Tuesday’s National Assembly, NSCN (IM) Chairman Q Tuccu addressed the House, saying that “the sovereign identity of the Naga people is very visibly reflected in the Framework Agreement “. He maintained that the NSCN(IM) signed the framework agreement with deep political insight in consideration of the sovereign rights and dignity of the Naga people and “applied our historical and political intuition when signing the agreement. OK”.

However, there are forces at work trying to undermine the political significance of the framework agreement by misinterpreting it, he said, while claiming that few political leaders have maliciously propagated that the Naga flag and constitution, as well as integration are not mentioned in the Framework Agreement. “The bitter irony is that all attempts are made to confuse the Naga people about the political significance of the framework agreement where the future of Naga political travel is mapped out,” he added.

He also pointed out that the National Assembly was obliged for the NSCN (IM) to reaffirm its position “after the Government of India expressed its opposition to honoring the use of our God given the Naga national identity symbolized by the flag. and the constitution”.

“How can we renounce the Naga national flag and the Naga Constitution in the name of the Naga political solution? What belongs to us and defines our political identity can never be compromised for the sweet morsel in the name of naga political settlement,” he asserted.

Tuccu went on to state that some Naga leaders expressed a derisive attitude towards the Framework Agreement by passing “degrading and unhealthy comments against the sanctity of the Naga political question”. “We cannot allow these people to sully the Naga political issue by bringing another Naga political deal with flattering promises like in the past,” he said, referring to past political deals with the India, which he said “gave us bitter lessons”.

Calling it “judgment hour”, Tuccu said that “we must be on guard against any naga agreement that betrays our rights and our national identity”.

Stating that hundreds of thousands of people gave their lives for the freedom of the Naga, he said “the responsibility rests on the shoulder of the NSCN to fulfill their prayers and dreams for the honorable Naga political settlement with the flag national Naga floating high”.

“We must prove before God and before the Naga people and the whole world that we, the members of the NSCN, the frontline torchbearers of Naga politics; the movement will hold out until the last man standing to defend God-given rights,” he said.


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