St Luke’s announces new ‘cost-conscious’ health insurance plan


St. Luke’s Health System has announced a new form of health insurance.

Beginning in January 2023, St. Lukes Health Plan is a nonprofit affiliate that will provide health insurance coverage options to people in Idaho’s West Central and South Central counties.

This is a brand new offering from St. Luke’s, as the health system did not have a similar program in the past.

The health plan will cover patients in 20 counties and give them access to out-of-state doctors through St. Lukes partners.

The health plan concept is “deeply rooted” in St. Luke’s commitment to improving health through affordable, coordinated care.

“Our vision to be the community’s trusted partner in delivering exceptional, patient-centered care at the heart of everything we do. To achieve this vision, we are embarking on a bold and ambitious move to continually improve the quality, access and affordability of health care for the communities we serve,” said Matt Wolff, President of St. Luke’s Health. Plan.

The plan still needs to be certified by Your Health Idaho in September. Once that’s done, people can start signing up in mid-October, and the plan will go into effect in January. The individual plan will be offered through the Idaho Health Insurance Exchange and outside of it. Employer plans will be available for large and small groups. The press release says options for the Medicare Advantage plan will be “reviewed at the appropriate time.”

“We are excited to build on the significant progress we have already made to deliver greater value in health care and health outcomes to Idahoans. St. Luke’s Health Plan will link care delivery with care financing, resulting in a simpler, cost-conscious health insurance option for our communities,” Wolff said.

St. Lukes facilities will still accept most health insurance plans and the new plan will not change the way patients receive care at St. Lukes.

St. Lukes Health Plan benefits include:

  • $0 in-network primary care after deductible
  • $0 in-network preventive care
  • $0 in-network maternity care
  • $0 preventative and generic prescription drugs

In 2012, Saint-Luc has set up a partnership with Utah insurer SelectHealth for a partnership that the parties say would “fundamentally change” the delivery of health care and the insurance experience.


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