Tableau now allows users to create advanced AI models


Tableau added Aible extension to its dashboard which can help create a seamless BI + IA experience. Users will be able to build predictive AI models right in Tableau in minutes.

The new extension applies its library of ML algorithms to analyze data, discover hidden patterns, and deliver predictive business insights. Combining with Tableau’s visual analysis technology enables faster analysis and better decision making.

Aible’s ML algorithms leverage a company’s data sources to deliver specific recommendations and enable the integration of AI models, predictions and recommendations directly into the Tableau dashboard.

In one blog post, the company said, “As new data is generated, some models that have worked well may start to degrade, while another model may show rapid improvement. Aible pre-calculates the best AI for thousands of potential business realities, creating an “efficient frontier” of AI models that ensures the best model for every business situation. “

The image above is an example of an Augmented Table of Aible Predictions dashboard:

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  • The purple colors on the bar graph indicate the opportunities that the Aible ML models have identified as profitable to pursue for each of the top ten opportunities. It takes into account the cost-benefit trade-offs as well as the capacity constraints of the company. The gray on the bars is a business that is not profitable to pursue.
  • The scatter plot displays profitable opportunities colored by customer type.
  • The far right pane shows the Aible extension in action where the user runs a what-if scenario based on four model pilots – customer type (existing), region, company size (large), and customer type. transaction (renewal).

Aible offers a portfolio of models tailored to different business realities rather than a single model. With a portfolio approach, models can be specialized for a wide variety of factors that include different geographies, products, departments, or marketing campaigns.

To integrate the Aible extension on the Tableau dashboard, it is essential to have licenses for Tableau and Aible.

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