The cost of free advice on mutual funds, insurance and investments will shock you. Be your own financial planner, suggests


Do you pay 50 lacs or half your fortune for free advice?

What is the real cost of free investment advice? For the middle class, savings are ultimately the only source of wealth creation. In the absence of investment knowledge, people have to take the help of elders or financial advisors. To save more, most people seek advice from people who sell programs. By investing in a program, the advisor will receive a commission from the company, and the investor will receive free advice.

In my research, I (Viplav Majumdar) discovered that your quality of life is the result of the financial decisions you make every day. People pay a huge price to get free investment and financial advice from others, mainly because of these 3 factors.

  1. Quality advice in your interest

  1. bad investments

  1. Maturity value you get after 30 years

I will discuss one by one and ways to make the right financial decisions for yourself.

Quality advice in your interest

For your financial success, you must make good financial decisions based on your personal, professional and financial situation. This advice can only be taken as a comprehensive advice from an expert who knows just about every topic of finance, investments, loans, strategies, etc. For the middle class, they have access mainly to insurance agents and mutual fund distributors on behalf of experts. Families feel they don’t need to pay any fees as they are paid on the sales of investment products finally this leads to an investment decision based on limited advice a program is sold to you without holding account of your needs, your priorities just to make a sale.

bad investments

I found in my research that most families invest in bad investments, which do not correspond to their situation. No one wants us to make losses at maturity. 90% of middle class families invest for guaranteed losses, they invest at returns below the rate of inflation, they know after 10, 15 or more years at maturity. As adults, they feel they don’t have enough funds to pay for their children’s education or their retirement.

If Rs. 5 lacs are invested and the maturity is Rs. 12 lacs in 15 years, it is a loss of purchasing power. The value of five lacs should be around 13.7 lacs with inflation, a loss in capital value although the book value shows you have a profit, you end up with a capital loss.

If you have an appropriate time frame of 15 years to benefit from compound returns, you can be financially free in just 15 years of service with the right investments. Even after investing for more than 15 years, middle-class families fail to plan for financial freedom due to poor bond-based investments, limited advice and commissions.


Taking free advice leads to investment in insurance, mutual funds have direct plans, which have lower insurance premiums and higher returns in mutual funds. In insurance you pay almost 5% less premium each year if you buy directly without an agent code. In mutual funds, you get 1.5% more each year if you buy directly. So, you will tell me what is the big cost?

42% of the value at maturity! Yes, you are right, if you are supposed to get 70 lacs maturity through your agent, if you go directly there, your maturity would be 1 crore instead of 70 lacs in the same scheme. How much will you pay to take the name of the investment scheme, 30 lakes?

Remedy for the middle class

In the name of advisers, the middle class has only agents. The output is simple; simply become your own financial planner. It’s simple and easy too. is a training platform created for this purpose only. You can be your own financial planner in just 6 hours of hands-on learning and tools, with a lifetime membership. Regardless of your current financial situation, you will find a way to become financially free within the next 5-10 years, even if you have no savings today.

There are many advantages to learning financial planning, every month you invest without knowing the results, with tools you can check your investments immediately. It saves you 10 to 15 years of work for no reason. Follow your passion with good financial decisions. Remember! Only you can be interested in your benefit forever.


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