The glitches agitate the CMA students


Protests are planned and Twitter storms have unfolded as disgruntled aspiring CMAs share their struggles online. The June session of the Cost and Management Accounting (CMA) exams experienced many logistical difficulties across the country that made it nearly impossible for students to take this exam. The pen and paper examination has adopted the computerized mode since the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus. This change was not well planned by the Institute of Cost Accountants of India, as several students showed up at defunct or poorly run centers.

The Free Press Journal spoke with aspiring CMAs to hear their personal stories from that exam session.

“The centers’ computers are constantly facing internet problems, test administration failed,” said Akshay Agarwal, MEPL course manager for CMA Inter (Kolkata) exams.

“On June 27, the students received the law dissertation on the day of the Operational Management and Strategic Management (OMSM) exam in several centers. The exam did not take place on time. Several accountants have not been assigned to centers, while many other centers have not uploaded papers,” he added.

The myth of a silent exam hall was shattered for Manish Pandey, a CMA student from Navi Mumbai, “The exam hall was very chaotic, people kept coming in and out of the center and disturbing the students. If someone tried to cheat, it was very easy to do so.

Manish travels 25 km to reach his examination center. “The centers were much closer when I showed up for a paper-based test. Now, despite being computer-run, the exams don’t start on time,” he said.

Deepak Aghav, another CMA student from Maharashtra, was asked to connect his personal hotspot to his exam computer. “Internet was down in many centers.”

Several centers in Thrissur, Mallapuram, Chennai and Delhi canceled their exams without notice. “Many CMA candidates work in multinational companies and have had to request time off during exam days. The cancellation did them no good.

Pawan Gaikwad, a final CMA student, encountered issues with the paper itself. “We are asked to solve numbers on a scratch sheet and upload it to the software using a QR code. It’s a time-consuming process that reduces our writing time.

Candidates did not follow any particular seating arrangement in Aurangabad, “List numbers are just for admission cards fun. The students sat wherever they pleased.

The Institute of Cost Accountants of India represents the problems of aspirants. CMA member Sandeep Kumar said, “These issues were also encountered during the December exam, but when we spoke out, the disciplinary committee silenced us.”

“Over 600 children showed up at a central lot and only 200 laptops or computers were available. In some centers children are seen using their mobile phones during the exam,” he added .

“I think there was a rigging with the exam standards and the tender was given to incapable people,” said CMA Sandeep Kumar who will protest at Jantar Mantar with 500 other students on July 5, 2022.

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