The high end yet cost effective communication card option


From conference rooms to classrooms, the demand for ready-to-use technology is at an all-time high. Presentation materials such as glass panels can instantly modernize and enhance a space while serving as a functional tool to facilitate communication and collaboration. Harnessing their cutting-edge engineering, Clarus’ Claroultra product line offers an affordable, out-of-the-box whiteboard solution for those not looking for full customization. Claroultra is available in three categories: glass boards, mobile boards and porcelain steel boards.

With durable low iron tempered glass, a frameless design and a polished edge, Claroultra Glass products have been engineered to remove 90% of residual iron. The 4mm glass manages to eliminate the green tint of ordinary glass, allowing the true color to shine through. The glass line is available in three sizes.

Claro Mobile is bacteria-resistant, non-porous and mobile, offering a multitude of applications from a two-sided collaborative writing surface to a temporary space divider. Mobile maintains the integrity of any open-plan office by not obstructing sightlines, and its four-wheel base makes it easy to move anywhere.

The new Claroultra Porcelain Steel Planks, with magnetic and projection capabilities, are non-porous planks that will not stain, smear, scratch or dent. Magnetic boards can be attached to any wall by concealed hardware and guarantee top performance for years, backed by an impressive 25 year warranty.

Several standardized sizes are pre-produced and available to choose from, ensuring immediate availability for shipment without compromising quality. Claroultra’s tough, easy-to-clean surfaces also come with the longest warranty in the industry. With attention to design and quality, Claroultra dry erase whiteboard products offer an economical communication and presentation solution for projects of any size.

for more information please contact Vera Fisher at 512-731-4403 or [email protected].

About Clarus
With clarity of focus, adoption of forward-looking technology, and flexibility to create glass surfaces that make a lasting impression, Clarus is the pioneer in the glass panel space. glass. Founded on innovation, not imitation, the visionary glass panel maker upholds this guiding principle for customers who want to partner with the best, including Amazon, Google, Tesla, Twitter, NASA and Coca-Cola. Whether through words or visual design, Clarus brings thoughts, experiences and dreams for others to see.



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