Using Paid Search to Motivate New Jersey Businesses


What is Paid Search?

With paid search, businesses pay a fee to Google or another search engine to appear prominently on results pages for a specific search term. Search terms include one or more words. For example, relevant keywords for people looking to do business with consulting or accounting firms might search for “partner with consulting firms” or “New Jersey accounting firms.”

Search engines charge advertisers on a “cost per click” (CPC) basis: a fee is charged each time a user clicks on an ad. Strong safeguards are in place to limit fraud. The price charged for each audience click is based on the number of businesses that bid for that term. If more advertisers want to reach internet users for a specific term, the price per click tends to be higher. Using a CPC model can help you ensure a better return on your advertising spend. Paid search ads are often leveraged to drive website traffic and leads, but they can also increase brand awareness.

Why Paid Search is Effective for Reaching New Jersey Businesses

  • 89% of traffic from paid ads is net new traffic (1)
  • 79% of marketers say paid search is “extremely beneficial” to their business(2)
  • 27% of all web traffic comes from paid search ads (3)
  • Average Google search ROI is $8: 1 (4)

The Most Common Ways New Jersey Businesses Research Products and Services

Here’s how NJ businesses typically search for opportunities:

  • By trade name
  • By business type (e.g. law firm, accounting firm, healthcare organization, educational institution, etc.)
  • By location (eg Princeton, Edison, North New Jersey)
  • By size (for example, small to medium-sized law firms)
  • Use keywords that suggest business interest (e.g. b2b, partner with, work with)

Why Paid Search is a Highly Successful Tactic for Reaching NJ Businesses

New Jersey decision makers look for opportunities every day to grow their businesses. Your ads reach them when they are looking for information! Effective paid search starts with determining the right combination of keywords to search for. You need to find search terms that:

  • Appeal to the type, size and location of NJ business you want to reach
  • Have enough search volume to ensure there will be results

Characteristics of Effective Paid Search Programs

You can buy paid search ads using self-service tools on Google and Bing. But unless you have a lot of experience, it’s a good idea to get professional help. With paid search, spending money is easy, but getting great results is harder. Finding an expert helps protect your marketing resources.

For best results, find a research program manager who knows the New Jersey business market. They will have the advantage of finding the correct terms for your brand and will be better able to focus on terms that attract genuine business opportunities.

Paid Search Tips and Tricks for New Jersey Businesses:

Today’s search ads give you plenty of opportunities to grab attention while New Jersey decision makers search:

  • Explore optimization options: Google can automatically set your campaign and optimize performance to drive the most clicks and website visits, the most leads, the most purchases (if you have an e-commerce site) and the lowest cost per action.
  • Include phone numbers: Include phone numbers in your ads to generate calls from people who would rather sign in now than wander around your site.
  • Try responsive ads: Instead of writing a few full search ads, you can submit lots of short statements and messages, and their algorithms will test thousands of combinations until they find the combination of headlines, text and most effective links.
  • Include extensions: Google allows you to add more text and links to your ads. You can include these “extensions” to specific sections of your website, special articles, customer reviews, etc. Extensions increase both the number and quality of clicks you receive.

Also, remember that 6 out of 10 Google searches are done on mobile phones. Take the time to develop great ads for small and large screens.

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