Worried about rising gas prices? Trade the Buick for a bike


It is at 164.9 today, but prices are only expected to rise in the days and weeks ahead (Connor Luczka/XFM news).

Gas prices are on the rise. In London, the pumps jumped 10¢ and they will also rise in the near future. With no indication of when they will settle down – if they ever do – a good alternative, says Andrew Hunniford, is cycling.

Andrew is the manager of the London Bicycle Café. He says some key issues facing cyclists should not deter Londoners from cycling. The cost-benefit ratio alone is worth considering.

“Cycling is incredibly efficient in terms of the use of space and energy. If you ride a bike, it takes about five minutes to charge an e-bike and you have an effective range of 100 to 150 kilometers – depending on how much effort you want to put into it – for a Nickle. Compared to filling a van. . . That much [that] would probably cost you around $100.

Andrew says winter shouldn’t hold you back either. There is no bad weather, he says, only bad equipment.

“There is no bad weather, only inappropriate clothing. If you have the right gear and the right courage, biking in the winter can actually be quite fun and easy. The only thing we really miss [in] the City of London is a safe infrastructure to do so. Cycling in winter is not difficult in itself. Cycling in the winter and sharing a driveway with a car going faster than road conditions allow is a problem.

Are London’s roads safe for cyclists?

Safety is a concern potential cyclists should be aware of. Just a few days ago, a cyclist was involved in a car accident that took him to hospital.

To that, Hunniford agrees that London has a long way to go to keep cyclists safe.

“The safety of people traveling by active transportation is certainly a concern. Pedestrians and cyclists are increasingly injured. Vehicles only protect their occupants. They are also becoming more powerful, bigger and more dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists. That’s why we advocate for better infrastructure to separate vulnerable people from deadly vehicles.

Yet despite the potential danger on London’s roads, he says they only get busier at the London Bicycle Café.

“The demand for bicycles is real. And then that’s what we try to convince our city that people want to ride bikes. If I had more bikes, I would sell more bikes. The problem with selling bikes right now is having enough to sell. Once we put someone on a bike, the missing piece of the puzzle at this point is a secure, interconnected network.

If you’re interested in swapping your car for a bike, Hunniford says it’s as simple as finding the right bike and getting started. No license, no insurance, no gas station pumping.

Get on and go.


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